30 September, 2007

Suggestion letter for Mr. Gambari’s immediate trip and UN role in Burma

National League for Democracy-Liberated Area (Youth)
Press Release No. (5/2007)

Suggestion letter for Mr. Gambari’s immediate trip and UN role in Burma

We have the highest regard and appreciation on Mr. Gambari’s immediate trip to Burma. Though The United Nations has achieved nothing in its effort on Burma in past years, we wish his current trip is capable to stop killings, violent attacks and arrests and able to bring about a tangible result and immediate step forward toward democratic translation, however. Today’s situation hit Burma and its people the most horrible in history. On other words, hundreds of monks and people were killed and thousands were brutally beaten, kicked and arrested within three single days. The violence continues.

Yet, tragic massacres have happened in Rangoon on (26, 27, and 28 September 2007).
Though the military government reported on its state TV that nine people died and eleven were injured in the bloodshed day of 28 September, news from Rangoon claimed that the real figures was as many as three hundreds. Most were monks who were killed after military troops raided several monasteries in Rangoon in early morning of 27th September. Military troops continue to raid monasteries and engage violent attacks and arrest on monks across Burma, mainly in Rangoon and Mandalay. Hundreds of monks were arrested (several sources in Rangoon claimed many of them were beaten to die) in the late night of 26 and 27, September. World media agencies, such as CNN, BBC, and Reuter reported the evident photos and video tapes of blood spots in the compound of Ngwe Kyar Yan monastery in North Okapala Township, Rangoon. This monastery was invaded by soldiers in the midnight of 26, September and all monks were arrested except the head old monk.

Military government widely destroyed evidences of bodies. Issuing night curfew, and taking advantageous it to avoid from evident photos and video tapes during dark night, and then have invaded monasteries during nights and killed, beaten and arrested a lot of monks. Who in the world can believe it? But it really happens in Burma now.

While I am writing this letter (28th September, 9:45 pm, Rangoon standard time), soldiers invaded monasteries across Rangoon and beaten and arrested thousands of monks onward. If Mr. Gambari visits to any monastery in Rangoon upon his arrival on 29th morning, he will witness that there will be no or few monks (if some can run away and escape from the violent arrest) in monasteries.

If United Nations can’t immediately stop massive killings and violent attacks against Buddhist monks, particularly during nights, and fails urgent action, hundreds of thousands of monks and people will be killed by military government and violent attacks and arrests will be increasing, for sure. Thus, we recommend Mr. Ban Ki Mon and his special representative on Burma Mr. Gambari, to achieve the following things immediately.

- To stop killings, cruel attacks, and violent arrests against monks and public by military government, immediately
- To release monks and people who were illegally and violently beaten and arrested for their peaceful protests, immediately
- To release Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, immediately
- To form an interim government, immediately

Vicious generals always lie Burmese people, United Nations, and international community by using several ways. They have lain now too, using military-backed Union Solidarity and Development Association members and forced recruiting people in a small town in rural area in middle Burma to stage a protest in opposition to monks’ protests. Junta TV showed (in the night of 28th September) that about 5,000 people demonstrated with a permission from the government to oppose monks’ protests. As this protest was permitted by the government, which was legal, they claimed. They also said people’s desire was to live peacefully and thus they oppose monks’ protests. In one of their reports on MRTV, they criticized monks and people who were armed with knives and sharp materials attacked soldiers and tried to seize arms from soldiers, so that soldiers have no way to choose but to response them in order to stop violence.

When UN officials, now Mr. Gambari, meet with Burmese generals to solve the Burma’s current continuing crisis, time-frame and strict schedule is required in order to avoid their lie.

We sincerely believe the United Nations and its officials, and UNSC member nations, could effectively stop and prevent widespread killings and violent arrests against innocent monks and people by evil generals in Burma. Now it is obvious that innocent Burmese monks and people’s lives is in the hand of the United Nations.

Central Youth Working Group
National League for Democracy-Liberated Area (Youth)

Date: 28 September, 2007

Contact by: Ko Htut, In-charge (1)
Email: kohtut5@gmail.com

Copies to:
- Presidents and Prime Ministers of UNSC member nations
United States of America, United Kingdom, French, China, and Russia

- President of European Union and EU member nations

- Secretary of ASEAN and ASEAN member nations

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