01 October, 2007



Started on 26 Sept, 2007, the military dogs have continuously raided monasteries in Rangoon every night. Monks in the monasteries they raided were violently beaten and taken away. Here are some examples of the night crack down by the soldiers. On Sept 26th at midnight, the soldiers raided several monasteries, including Ngwe Kyar Yan monastery in South Okapala township in Rangoon. All monks in the monastery were beaten and taken away except the old head monk. This monastery was the strongest opponent of the military regime, and some sources in Rangoon and news agencies claimed that all monks were later killed by military dogs. During that night, Magin monastery was also raided and all monks including the head monk were arrested by military dogs. This monastery was closed to activists and politicians. NLD members and 88-generation students’ group regularly visited the monastery and held religious ceremonies and paid homage there. This monastery was also taking care of many HIV/AIDS patients.

On 29th Sept midnight, monasteries in Thakata township, Rangoon were raided by military dogs and monks were beaten, kicked and thrown into cars and later carried away. Approximately 10,000 local people tried to save monks, but military dogs fired on the crowd and a man was died at the sense. When his wife tried to approach his body, she was kicked and beaten; an eyewitness said in her interview with BBC and VOA. Other two men were wounded and later died.

Military dogs tried to seize bodies and two bodies were taken away in an effort to destroy evidence. One family of the victims said they were given 20,000 kyat and dead body was taken away from their house by military dogs warning them to not hold funeral service. About 200 monks were carried by three Diana cars after they raided monasteries in Tharkata township alone. Military dogs also treated public that they would fire houses around the area. It was also reported that they approached monasteries from both of water and road ways by using military vessels and military trucks. Next morning, local people tried to approach the monasteries to check the update, but they couldn’t get there as many troops deployed around this area.

Most big monasteries with many numbers of monks residing and learning have been raided and thousands of monks have been arrested after a series of every midnight raid (during Sept, 26 and 29), in Rangoon. Most monasteries including Chaut Tat Gyi and Nga Htat Gyi at which a lot of monks used to be inherent in were now shortage of monks after most were arrested. Eyewitness also reported that military dogs have made fake monks using their people and sent to monasteries where there is no monk after they were arrested or reported to be killed.

Approximately 700 monks and num who are being detained at Rangoon’s Insein township’s former GTI compound were treated as prisoners. Monks only have attire in their under part of body. They continued to boycott and refused to accept foods from military dogs that reportedly planned monks to disrobe.

Heavy military dog troops deployed around monasteries in a bid to start 4-cut policy which was widely used in cleaning against Burmese communists and ethnic insurgents in civil war. Monks weren’t being able to go out for collecting foods and for protests. Thus, monks have been suffering from lack of foods. A leading monk of All Burma Buddhist Monks’ Union who led protests conducted an interview with Burmese language broadcasts, appealed people to organize big crowds and go there and donate foods to those monasteries.

He also appealed ICRC to negotiate between monks who continued the boycott while they are being detained at the Insein GTI and military dogs for foods matter. He also appealed some UNSC members, US, UK, and French, to help solve Burma’s ongoing crisis and stop inhuman killing.

The latest report is:
Thousands of protesters are dead and the bodies of hundreds of executed monks have been dumped in the jungle, a former intelligence officer for Burma's ruling junta has revealed. The most senior official to defect so far, Hla Win, said: “Many more people have been killed in recent days than you've heard about. The bodies can be counted in several thousand”, he continued.

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