29 October, 2007

Daw Suu’s Newest Looks Gloomy and Harmful

Daw Suu Appeared very stressed and sad

In the photos coming out of Burma, of the talk between Junta liaison and Daw Suu, she appeared very stressed, and even looked sad. It seemed that she was put under immense pressure to surrender to junta demands.

Junta summoned Daw Suu for Talks for about an hour.

Junta TVs in Burma reported that Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was taken to government guest house to talk with the Minister for Relations (the Liaison Minister, U Aung Kyi).

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was taken to Government Guest House, at around 2:00pm, for talks for a few minutes with Liaison Minister U Aung Kyi (a retired Major Gen., a close confidante of Sen. Gen Than Shwe, also the Minister of Labour, and chief negotiator with ILO on forced labour issues) who is acting as liaison between Junta and Daw Suu, and UN. It was believed to be to ask her again to compromise and give in to junta’s demands, such as not opposing them any longer, and to disregard 1990 election results, and to call to international community on their behalf to stop sanctions. Daw Suu completed 12 years of her detention under house arrest on 24th Oct, 2007.

Source: Burmadigest

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