02 October, 2007

SPDC: The Best Story Tellers in Human History - Military Evils Organized Protests against Civilians

The chief monk from Thanga-Maha-Nayaka, the leading monks' organization in Burma which was believed to be backed by military government

Military government-organized forced public gathering in Myit Kyina, Kachin State's capital, the signboard shown supporting National Convention and Constitution

Who said Burma has no democracy? Someone must be wrong if he judges like this as we could see protests in MRTV recent days. They allowed gatherings and even reported those gatherings on state-run media. TV announcer said people staged peaceful protests in order to support government and its National Convention and to oppose the protests by monks. He also claimed those protests were lawful as protesters sought for permission from the government. Then, a question raises, why Buddhist monks, 88-generation students, human rights defenders, journalists, politicians, activists and other ordinary civilians have been disrobed, brutally beaten, arrested, sentenced, and even killed for their peaceful protests led by monks recently? What were wrong with their peaceful protests? In fact, their demands were very simple and reflected a longing of people and those were just basic needs of people to have a better life and to move toward democratization in Burma. Four demands were fair: to apologize Pakkou monks who were beaten and tied at roadside electric-pot; to reduce commodity prices; to release political prisoners; and to call dialogue.

While violently suppressing peaceful protests, military junta has arranged protests in some townships in a bid to show public support to the government and its sham National Convention as well as to oppose current protests of monks and civilians. Rally at Myit Kyina, Kachin State’s capital was taken place on 28 Sept, 2007, followed by such rally on October 2, in Lashio, northern Shan State. In fact, those were not protests but just forced rallies by the government. In order to organize public rallies, military criminals and their organizations forced civil servants and public to show up at the gatherings. They threatened civil servants and every household that if civil servant didn’t participate they would be fired and if anyone from a household did not show up, they would face arrest. The true fact is that military evils staged protests against civilians, and this should be recorded in the Guinness Book as the rulers who staged protests against its civilians.

Meanwhile possible USDA-organized public rally was reportedly cancelled in Tharyarwaddy Township in Pegu division after public planned to turn the show into people’s protests to support monks’ protests nationwide.

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