02 October, 2007

Today's Hot News

1. Mr, Gambari, UNSG’s special envoy to Burma, met with DASSK today in Rangoon after he met Than Shwe at evil den, or so called Nay Pyi Daw. News agencies reported that he spent about 15 minutes with DASSK while a meeting lasted about an hour with Than Shwe. He left for Rangoon airport as soon as the meeting over with Suu Kyi. What they talks were unknown.

Before meeting with Than Shwe, Mr. Gambari flew to Lasho in Shan State along with SPDC deputy foreign minister Kyaw Thu to attend government-organize forced public gathering.

2. NLD spokesman U Nyan Win said Thursday there would be approximately 5,000 persons being detained during the recent protests. He added among were 160 NLD members including 3 leaders from HQs. 11-year-old girl, 12-year-old boy from Mingalar Taungnyunt township, who is 7th standard student, and 18 year old girl from Rangoon were missing or detained. A friend of the 12-year-old boy was now being detained while another friend was escaped from arrest as they were watching Sept 27 protests in downtown Rangoon. Their parents were worried and did not know their whereabouts.

3. Three students were arrested yesterday while a group of students staged a protest in Hlaedan, Rangoon. Another case was also happened in Myae-Ne-Gone, Rangoon in which eight were arrested, most were young students.

A young man was also arrested after military dogs founded a Burmese currency 10-kyat bearing Gen. Aung San picture on his body, in 8-mile, Rangoon. This currency was valid in Burma, and anyone can use it. Many military dogs and police stationed in Rangoon and searched anyone they wanted in Rangoon yesterday. Some more were reportedly arrested.

4. Than Shwe’s wife Kyaing Kyaing now in Dubai, UAE, reportedly bought two houses, one was on the bank of Persian Gulf. Each costs USD 10 millions, report said.

5. Military killers from regiment no. 66 last night tried to seize Anan Pin monastery in Mingalardone township in Rangoon, where air forces stationed. But, as news came out and soldiers from air forces hid all monks. When killers did not find out any monks, they destroyed materials in the monastery. Rumors spread out that there was tension between Mingalardone air forces and regiment no. 66 over arresting and killing monks.

6. Journalists being sent from Sweden and Denmark news agencies in Burma were warned by a phone caller who introduced himself as a police official. He said those journalists should leave Burma immediately and if not obey authorities would not grant for their lives.

7. Out of 1974 persons who are being detained in former GTI school compound in Insein township, Rangoon, over 50 monks were between the aged of 60-80. 135 are nuns and women and the left are other monks and civilian men. Today’s sources said those were being sent on the way to the “New Life Police Frontier Camp” in Kabaw Chaiwan, Sagaing division. When phoned a prison authority there, he confirmed that over 1,000 people would arrive soon.

8. Under the guidance of Brig Col. Sein Tin Win of regiment no. 77, USDA members took monks, num and civilians being detained in the former Insein’s GTI school compound, outside during late night and cruelty hit them, reports said.

9. Nyan Win of Burma’s foreign minister said during his speech at UN general assembly late yesterday evening in New York that opportunists and foreign countries took an opportunity over small groups of protests to make instability in Burma. He said Burma was now back to normal. Local authorities had complete responsibility to mistreat against monks in Pakkou, and thus the government had nothing to issue an apology to monks, he claimed. While a delegation led by Thein Sein met Mr. Gambari on Sept, 29, they also made such kind of comment saying foreign nations were responsible for Burma’s current unrest.

During these days, state own TV stations frequently criticized George W. Bush. They also attacked BBC and VOA saying those were sky-full liars.

10. A voice-tape report from Burma said authorities burned and destroyed bodies of protesters while some were still alive at Yay Way cemetery in Rangoon. A woman said in the tape quoting a man from the cemetery who was forced to burn bodies that one woman said she was alive and not to burn. But she was burnt with the order of an army officer.

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