01 October, 2007

Today's Hot News


1. NLD spokesperson U Nyan Win approved on 1 November, 07 that 137 NLD members so far have been arrested during the current protests across the country.

2. There are 1974 monks, nuns and people being detained in Insein’s former GTI school compound, in Rangoon. Among are 700 monks and num who continued to boycott and did not accept any donation from military dogs including foods. Sources said those were already disrobed and locked on their feet per each two and would be sent to the police camp in Sagaing Division called “New Life”, under the title of genocide program. Old monks were tearing while they were being disrobed.

3. There are (about between 700 and 1000) being detained in Tarmwe township’s Kyauk Kasan sport ground, in Rangoon.

4. Several sources today suggested about 2,000 people are being arrested while other 2,000 are missing. There can be about 1,000 dead during past three or four days in Rangoon.

5. On 30th Sept, 2007 midnight, monasteries in Hlaing and Kamayut Townships in Rangoon were tried to raid by military dogs. But, local public could rescue monks’ live, luckily. Local people said they could save monks on time as those monasteries locate near houses. It would not be able to help monks if monasteries are away from quarters, local people said.

6. Kyauk Padaung Township in Mandalay Division – people went to monasteries during night to guard monks. Soldiers and polices who were used to position in the city were being moved and new army and police deployed now as old security guards reached good friendship with local people.

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