08 October, 2007

Today's Hot News

Update 9:50 pm

- State-run TV announced tonight, declaring military government’s order No. 2/2007, assigning deputy minister Kyi Aung of Labor Ministry as an officer to communicate with Mrs Aung San Suu Kyi. It said this post was created to show reverence of Mr. Gambari's suggestion after he had made a comment to doing so while his recent visit between Sept 29 and October 2, 2007. The order was signed by Col. Thant Shin of administrative officer of PM office.

- Thai government had sent a letter to military government in Burma to show their opposition of military government’s brutal crackdown on peaceful protesters. Thai PM said today Thailand sincerely believe the best way to solve Burma’s dilemma was to call dialogue between DASSK and the junta’s boss Than Shwe. He also said Thailand has been closely following update in Burma and thinking how to take action on Burma along with ASEAN and UN.

- The Association of Buddhist Monks’ Union today issued a press release criticizing China for its firm support to Burma military government. The statement condemned China has bad record and was full of responsible for hundreds of thousands killings in Sudan’s’ Duffer, Africa. It also criticized Chinese government itself engaged in killing of Tibet monks. The statement warned China and called for people around the world to boycott Chinese products and Beijing Olympic.

- Among arrested, about ten NLD members were sentenced to imprison between five and seven years Friday in upper Burma. Most arrested people including NLD members’ whereabouts were unknown.

Update 4:15 pm

- Burmese people in Rangoon and Mandalay continue to go to local pagodas among tight security to pray for monks and people who sacrificed their lives during peaceful protests in September.

- Limited internet access was available during night in Burma. But, internet users in Burma couldn’t be able to access international Medias and people out of Burma couldn’t access to Burmese media too, including state-own newspapers.

- Labors at Rangoon’s Hlaing Thayar Indusrtial Zone staged a protest demanding to increase daily wages and to fulfill labor rights.

- Unconfirmed report said war office in Nay Pyi Taw, or evil den, secretly ordered foreign ministry to not issue visa for foreign tourists. The order would effect until the end of December. Tourism sources in Burma suggested some tourist companies and hotels start to undergo dilemma as no visitors come.

- Burmese people and supporters in Israel staged a protest today in front of Burmese embassy.

- Burmese people and Thai citizens held a protest in front of China’s regional diplomatic office in Chiang Mai, Thailand’s second biggest city today.

Update 8:30 am, (Thai Standard Time)

Due to heavy crackdown on peaceful protests, peace walks, demonstrations and prayers’ campaigns were hardly practiced in Burma these days. People’s Movement Joint Action Committee has called on public to perform prayers’ campaign at local pagodas or at home. But, a lot of police and plain cloth security have deployed and guarded local pagodas. In big cities, police have guarded around towns, but local people said they believed soldiers were stood by in nearer location and ready to appear if protesters came out.

While situation looks silence before breaking out another round of protests, Burmese people and international friends continued to stage protests across the world.

Bangkok, Thailand: About 600-700 people in Bangkok staged a peaceful protest in Bangkok Sunday in front of SPDC embassy and later protesters moved to China and Russia’s embassy to oppose their support of military government.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: About 300 people protested Sunday near Malaysia capital.

Seoul, South Korea: Burmese activists and Korea friends, including Korea monks, staged a protest Sunday in Seoul led by Joint Action Committee in Korea. Thanks to the Burmese activists and Korea friends, official of the organization said they already raised 54,000 USD funds so far and would wire to Burma to support monks and activists and people.

Illinois, United States: About 30 American students along with a Burmese student undergo a hunger strike today. They focused on 2 demands: a. calling on the alliance of international Buddhist organization to take action on Burma; b. calling on American students to support Burmese students.

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