01 October, 2007

Testified at UNSC

Eyewitness Colonel Fleed from Killing Field after He Was Ordered To Raid Monasteries: Enough Testified at UNSC To Send Peace Keeping Forces in Burma Immediately?

Burma: - Colonel to seek asylum in Norway

A central member of the military junta in Burma is reportedly interested in seeking political asylum in Norway. The colonel is said to have defected recently, and is now hiding in the jungle among the Karen people.

/np 30.09.2007 08:25

The Norwegian freelance journalist Hans-Joachim Schilde is travelling in the area and has met the colonel in the jungle.
He said he had defected after refusing to lead his men in an attack on the demonstrating monks.
According to Schilde, the colonel was also in charge of military intelligence in the region north of Rangoon.
If he is granted asylum in Norway, the colonel is willing to share his knowledge of the situation in Burma with the Norwegian authorities, Schilde says.
The colonel is informed about the situation in Norway from the radio and tv brodcasts from the station Democratic Voice of Burma which is located in Oslo.

Rolleiv Solholm

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