19 October, 2007

A Letter and Song from a French Friend

Dear Stilfada,

First of all, i would like to thank you on behalf of Burmese people as a whole for your artist work for our saffron revolution led by monks. I can see your wholeheartedly support, which is indeed meaningful and powerful as well. Myself, as well as Burmese people have been encouraged by support of friends across the world like you. I sincerely believe without support and solidarity from international community, it will be difficult to succeed victory quickly. Thus, please extend your support as long as we obtain victory and i promise we will never give up the cause and I am sure we must win soon. I could listen to your song which is really great and planned to set it as a background song on the blog to celebrate your solidarity for our ongoing movement. But, the source/code doesn't work, so i can't do it. Can you send me the code for the song.

With due respect,
Nyein Chan Aung

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2:06 pm (41 minutes ago)


The Association for Burma from my country tell me to take a look on your web site and I was wondering if you're interest in having a French rap song on your blog.

Please listen to the song in attachement made by myself. The song is a photography of the situation and was diffused on the main newspaper website and radio of my region.

Keepin the golden revolution alive!



E-Marketing Coordinator said...
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PapaDa said...


Sorry for this replay 6 years after but I haven't recive any alerte on your post and find your answer by using search.

How are you?