13 October, 2007

Today's Hot News

Photos were reproduced from the Irrawaddy magazine. Ko Htay Kywe, Ma Mi Mi and Ko Aung Thu

- The news is accurate that 88-generation student leaders KO HTAY KYWE, KO AUNG THU, MA MI MI and their supporter KO KO were arrested.

Ko Soe Htun, remaining 88-generation student leader called for ICRC's help from his hiding place. He said if ICRC could take care arrested people, less brutal act would be happened. He also appealed for the earliest release of the detainees. We have been repeatedly asking this issue for a long time and if nothing happen this time our life were like water in their hands, he added. He has also called on the international community to take this issue serious action into account.

- Chinese PM Wan Garbo sent a farewell letter to Burmese acting PM Thein Sein for the death of Soe Win. His letter is the first from the world.

- Rumors have spread out that Ko Htay Kywe, remaining leader of 88-generation Students' Group, was arrested somewhere in Rangoon today. It said since last night his fellow members lost any communication with him.

- 88-generation student group issued a statement to support and welcome UNSC chairman's press release on Burma.

- NMSP, a ceasefire group with military government, has welcomed UNSC chairperson's press release on Burma.

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